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  Medical care is expensive.  Do not panic. You can lower your costs to afford the treatments you need.

  • Compare costs at local and online pharmacies to find the best price for your medications.
  • Use only in-network services (they are usually much less expensive).
  • Know what your insurance covers and don’t be afraid to ask for guidance. Consult your insurance company or financial aid expert at your doctor’s office, lab, clinic, and/or hospital. Ask again if you don’t understand the answer.
  • Use rebates, discounts, and financial assistance programs to help pay for medications, assistive devices (canes, grab bars, wheelchairs), and other medical equipment.
  • Lifestyle changes can reduce your need for some costly medications.
    • For instance, skipping foods that cause heartburn saves you the cost of an expensive antacid.
    • Not smoking boosts the effectiveness of many drugs. And you’ll save money by not having to buy tobacco.
  • The cost of your treatment depends on your health insurance plan.
  • Your insurance may restrict the treatments that are covered.
    • If you are on Medicare, you may have fewer choices or may have to try treatments in a specific order.
  • You may qualify for free care or financial assistance, with or without health insurance.
  • Find out if pre-approval is needed for visits, tests, or treatment before your appointment. Ask your doctor for the ICD-10 code, and any modifiers, for services, tests, or treatments you require.
  • Saving money on your health care can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult, but it can be done. It’s worth the effort. Don’t give up.

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