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Fear of pain can be a barrier to a better life.

  • Pace yourself. Know your body; read the signs and signals it’s giving you.
  • Talk with your doctor about a plan for breakthrough pain to help you be prepared and give you more confidence.
  • Carry a short-acting painkiller with you for emergency use. Sometimes just knowing that you have something in your back pocket that can help ease the pain gives you the peace of mind to be more active.
  • Some activities may temporarily increase your pain, such as exercise or physical therapy, but may be beneficial for you.
    • Not all pain is bad. Just because something hurts doesn’t mean it is doing you harm.
  • Managing your chronic pain is essential. This does not mean getting rid of your pain. Taking too much opioid medication can interfere with independent living.
    • Opioids can make simple activities both difficult and dangerous (including walking and driving).
    • Some medications mask pain making it easier for you to overdo it.