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We conducted a clinical study with patients with chronic pain and their healthcare providers to evaluate the impact of the PainApp. We completed the study and published it in a recognized peer-review medical journal.

The study found, not surprisingly, that patients with chronic pain did not feel respected or trusted by their health care providers. The study also found that PainApp helped patients manage their pain and communicate with their doctors.

All of the 38 patients who were in the study were given access to PainApp before their appointment healthcare provider. We then asked them to report how the felt about PainApp.

All of the patients in the study would recommend PainApp to others with chronic pain.

Participants in the study reported that PainApp helped them:

  • think about their treatment goals
  • understand their chronic pain
  • make the most of their next doctor’s visit.

PainApp also changed their attitude toward opioids.

You can read the entire study by clicking here.