Ernie Merritt

Ernie Merritt, facilitator of the Southern Maine Chronic Pain Support Group, one of ACPA support groups. I am a person that lives with chronic pain from an accident at work. I have had 4 back surgeries that left me wearing a corset to be able to stand, walk, or do other activities of daily living. I try and promote that education is the key to the proper treatment for a person living with a chronic condition. This is why I really enjoy facilitating the support group. I try to turn negative thoughts into positive ones when speaking about someone living with chronic pain. I have more chronic conditions now but I enjoy working with healthcare providers and research projects that pertain to treatments for people living with chronic pain. I have participated in events that healthcare professionals needed to attend. It gave me the chance to show the patient side of healthcare. I feel we need to change the way healthcare is and the patients need to be involved more. I feel lucky to be involved with this project of Dr. Nananda Col. I feel this is what healthcare needed better communication and education on both sides, doctors and patients.